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Paws b Certified Courses

Mindfulness in schools have adapted the 8 week course for Key stage 2 children.

This is a 6 week course that goes through the principles of mindfulness and teaches the children simple mindfulness techniques.

What will they learn?

  • They learn about parts of the brain known through neuroscience evidence to be impacted by mindfulness practice
  • Ways to steady themselves when their mind/body is busy or out of balance
  • Ways to respond rather than react – and therefore take best care of themselves
  • Ways to relate to their thinking processes and how these impact their emotions and body state
  • Ways that mindfulness can support them in all the activities and relationships of their lives

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paws b courses West Midlands

Creating calm, confident Kids

RelaxKids Preschool Courses Shropshire

Relax Kids aims to give children access to a variety of simple, yet effective techniques for relaxation, mindfulness and stress management that are developed and delivered in a fun and creative way.

We believe that relaxation, mindfulness and a positive outlook are the keys to good mental health, self esteem and emotional resilience.
Our mission is to give children and young people the tools they need to help them manage stress and anxiety and to be more resourceful when facing the challenges of daily life.

We support parents, teachers and those working with children and young people through our quality resources and training.
We want children and young people to feel happier, more positive and empowered with skills for life!


Relax Kids helps:
Lack of confidence ADHD Autism Anger management Sleeping Problems

Relax Kids 7 Steps of Relaxation:

Warm up exercise for energy & fun
Activity games for vitality, creativity & joy
Stretching for balance, Inner strength & power
Peer/Self massage for self awareness, empathy and respect
Breathing exercises for improved health, anxiety & inner calm
Affirmations for self esteem, confidence & positivity
Visualisations for deep relaxation, Imagination & peace

For more information on Relax Kids Courses, please follow this link

Courses Offered

  • Preschool / under 5s called Little Stars
  • Key stage 1 - Relax Kids Adventure classes
  • Key stage 2 - Chill Skills classes

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