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By learning simple mindfulness practices, we are able to come back to ourselves and feel alive in each moment as it happens; to feel fully present to our experiences. Not only does it help build emotional resilience, but it provides a way of changing our relationship with stress thus improving well-being.


Through learning simple mindfulness practices based around body awareness and breath, movement and stillness, people can learn to bring a sense of being present to their everyday life. Mindfulness makes us more conscious of our choices and brings a sense of space around our thoughts and decisions. People are able to notice patterns and habits in their lives and by changing the way they think, they begin to change the way their brain processes and this enables them to respond to experiences from a sense of knowing themselves and taking care.


Shropshire Mindfulness offers a variety of internationally recognised mindfulness based programmes for adults and children as well as tailored made courses to meet the need of organisations.




MBSR Course Dates

.bFoundations Course Dates

Starting Autumn 2018 on Saturday mornings – 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction course

Working full-time during the week and finding it hard to learn mindfulness during the evenings or on weekdays? Shropshire Mindfulness is now offering the chance to follow this 8-week mindfulness course on Saturday mornings. This is a great way to begin the weekend! This tried and tested 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course, costs only £200 for the 8 weeks of sessions, resources and a retreat day. Even if our aspirations, dreams and goals are very different, the cornerstone of learning is wellbeing..

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.bFoundations course for school staff: January 2018

The .b Foundations is an 8-week mindfulness course aimed at developing mindfulness for school staff. School staff are often frantically busy and may find it even more difficult to dedicate time to activities aimed at their own well-being than other 8 week course participants. The workplace setting also means they are taught in groups with other teachers or support staff.  .b Foundations is designed to have shorter sessions of 90 minutes compared to the traditional MBSR course.  It effectively introduces mindfulness to adults in.

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Next .bFoundations 8 week Mindfulness Course Autumn 2017

The .b Foundations is an 8-week mindfulness course aimed at developing mindfulness in those staff who are involved in educational settings either as teachers or other roles with young people in education. Who should apply: This .bFoundations mindfulness course is for educational staff who wish to experience mindfulness and develop a mindfulness practice themselves.  What are .b Foundations’ objectives?  For participants to be able to use mindfulness to:  • Feel present, happier, calmer and more fulfilled • Get on better with others, including children.

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Next .bFoundations Course: January 2017

The .bFoundations is an 8 week mindfulness course developed by Mindfulness in Schools (MiSP) for teachers and other staff working in educational settings. When? Tuesday evenings from 7-8.30pm for 8 weeks.    Who for? Any  staff working in Shropshire schools, colleges and other educational settings who complete the application process satisfactorily.   Why?  Learn practical ways to feel calmer and more present at work and cultivate compassion for self and others. Experience ‘in-person’ mindfulness teaching and establish a sound mindfulness practice that is a pre-requisite to train to teach.

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