.bFoundations course for school staff: January 2018

.bFoundations course for school staff: January 2018

The .b Foundations is an 8-week mindfulness course aimed at developing mindfulness for school staff.

School staff are often frantically busy and may find it even more difficult to dedicate time to activities aimed at their own well-being than other 8 week course participants. The workplace setting also means they are taught in groups with other teachers or support staff.

 .b Foundations is designed to have shorter sessions of 90 minutes compared to the traditional MBSR course.  It effectively introduces mindfulness to adults in the school community. Supportive attitudes and ways of relating are introduced visually and kinaesthetically, with the intention of fostering curiosity and engagement. Aspects of the .b (age 11-18) and Paws b (age 7-11) are included which help build a shared mindfulness language within school.

What are .b Foundations’ objectives?  For participants to be able to use mindfulness to:  • Feel present, happier, calmer and more fulfilled • Get on better with others, including children and colleagues • Increase resilience in the face of stress and difficulties.  Mindfulness is proven to support better mental health in staff by improving well-being.

The curriculum is founded on the core mindfulness principles found in MBSR (Mindfulness-based stress reduction) and MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive Therapy) and has been tailored to make the course accessible and effective for staff.   Website:  http://mindfulnessinschools.org

Once staff have completed this 8 week course and shown a commitment to practicing mindfulness daily for at least 6 months, they are eligible to go on and train to teach either the Paws b for Key stage 2 pupils or the .b for teens in secondary school and college through Mindfulness in Schools (MiSP).

For more information please email: helen@shropshiremindfulness.co.uk

January 2018 Course venue: 

Shortwood Primary School in Wellington

Times and dates: 3.30pm to 5pm on Thursdays in term time.

There are a few places available on this course for teachers from local schools who wish to experience mindfulness and develop a mindfulness practice themselves. 

 The dates of the course are: 11th, 18th, 25th January,  1st, 8th 15th February,  1st, 8th March 2018.

For more information please email: helen@shropshiremindfulness.co.uk

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