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Next .bFoundations 8 week Mindfulness Course Autumn 2017

The .b Foundations is an 8-week mindfulness course aimed at developing mindfulness in those staff who are involved in educational settings either as teachers or other roles with young people in education. Who should apply: This .bFoundations mindfulness course is for educational staff who wish to experience mindfulness and develop a mindfulness practice themselves.  What are .b Foundations’ objectives?  For participants to be able to use mindfulness to:  • Feel present, happier, calmer and more fulfilled • Get on better with others, including children.

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Shropshire Mindfulness is able to offer mindfulness supervision for trainee or newly trained mindfulness teachers. Helen is keen to support trainee mindfulness teachers, as well as those who have completed their training, to deliver the 8 week mindfulness based stress reduction course to adults (MBSR). She offers mindfulness supervision to teachers who deliver mindfulness in educational settings using mindfulness in schools (MiSP) curricula also. Definition of Mindfulness Supervision: “A regular space that is contracted between supervisor and supervisee that enables them to reflect.

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